Kiss92's Maddy Barber

Maddy is undoubtedly Singapore’s highest rated female presenter on breakfast radio – with almost 20 years of broadcast experience. She currently helms Kiss 92FM‘s top rated breakfast show with the charismatic film reviewer Jason Johnson and popular former CNBC newsreader Arnold Gay.

She is also a successful business owner of a fine jewellery company, MADLY Gems.

At 42, Maddy Barber has done more in her life than most would even dare dream of. The many hats she has worn stretches from media to internet, commercial to corporate, entrepreneurial to parenting.

A happily married wife and mother of two, including a teenager, she is known most famously in the media industry as both a radio DJ and an accomplished host/emcee. However, unknown to her fans and the world, Maddy is actually a woman of great resources, entrepreneurial spirit, marketing and branding savviness. Passionate about taking the plunge over and over again. Her endeavours include both success and failures and yet, nothing stops this dynamite of a woman.

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