I tried the most sensational “Kong Bak Pao” for lunch here yesterday. At Barracks, they call it the “Asian Sliders” and may I just recommend that you order this over the American sliders which are basically mini burgers with fries! Although it was truffle fries; which was very aromatic and tasty, but the Asian version still wins. I think this is now officially my fav dish here,and the presentation has every bit to do with it. I loved that the tender pork belly simmered in a rich, dark slightly spicy sauce came in a hot stone bowl that kept it piping hot throughout and served beautifully with steaming hot chinese buns and crispy taro chips. Mmmm…

















I was just a little disappointed that I didn’t get to have my fill of the delicious pumpkin fries with hazelnut, because my husband does not like pumpkins and so opted for the mustard curry fries instead. As tasty as they were and may look in the below pic, please try the pumpkin fries instead because trust me when I that even if you are not keen on pumpkins, you will be delightfully surprised by this unusual offering.

Barracks at Dempsey

















I’m having lunch there again in a couple of weeks, so will try something else then and keep you posted altho’ I can’t promise I won’t be ordering the Asian sliders again because I’m already dreaming about them!

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