Ever since food editor from Life! Hsueh Yun came on our show on Kiss 92 and raved about this restaurant, I’ve been meaning to check it out and it did not disappoint. I was recommended the Ploughmans, which is a pork, prune & pistachio terrine served with salad, a beautiful scotch egg using quails egg, vintage cheese that was spectacular, homemade chutney and a warm, crusty baguette – and it was in every way comparable to those I’ve had in England, even better!

Ploughmans at The Big Sheila













The salads were absolutely beautiful, made from the finest and freshest ingredients. I especially loved the baby spinach salad with mozzarella and iberico ham which even my 7 year old couldn’t get enough of – greens and all, and the truly scrumptious butternut salad that came with a “garlicky chargrilled eggplant mousse” which Hsueh raved about.

Butternut squash salad with garlicky eggplant mousse














Mozzarella salad















Unfortunately, not everything Hsueh swooned about was available on this day as I’m guessing the menu changes from time to time. I hope to someday try the dhal, coconut & pumpkin pie that is supposedly one of the best things ever (and when Hsueh says so, I believe it!) and the divine Tiramisu which she said was served in a goldfish bowl…Now you see why I was so keen to try out this place? BUT instead we had the Choco Mountain for dessert which was a decadent yet not overly rich Ferrero Rocher cake which was everything it promised to be – and so you can be sure that we will be coming back for more again & again.

Choco Mountain Dessert Cake

















Just note that seating is very limited and the restaurant comprises mainly of one big shared table which has a really nice sense of community and warmth. If privacy is your thing, then perhaps this may not be for you but when the food is this good, I’d say to heck with privacy!

The Big Sheila at 15 Swan Lake Ave













Make your reservations at + 65 6645 4422